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About Your Podcast Show

Your Podcast Show is a four month “GET IT DONE” experience presented by Sophie Areli.

This exclusive program for introverted – YET POWERFUL – female entrepreneurs is designed to set up your podcast show and online visibility so you can get seen, get heard, and get paid!

VISIBILITY is the key to selling out products and services, but getting visible in the traditional sense may not be your thing – AND THAT’S OKAY! This program will teach you how to get your business visible in a fun, refreshing, and down to earth way!

Sophie Areli

CEO & Founder At
Your Podcast Show

Around the clock, Sophie Areli is a wife and mom to the worlds most amazing Super Heroes!

In her spare time, she is an online business mentor to female entrepreneurs as well as the CEO and founder of several online business ventures.

About Sophie Areli

Sophie Areli is the CEO and Founder at Your Podcast Show

Years ago, educational & motivational speaker Sophie Areli, was in a New York City homeless shelter with her daughter.

Determined to overcome her situation, she went to Grace Institute where she trained for 9 months to become a secretary.

Sophie did so well in the vocational program that she and her daughter were asked to represent Grace Institute in a TV commercial.

Upon graduating, Sophie went on to be a legal secretary at one of the top law firms in America: Cravath, Swaine & Moore, LLP.

However, after five years on the job, an illness caused her to leave.

As a single parent, she then had to figure out how to support her daughter once again!

In response, Sophie became a serial entrepreneur who has done it all: from photography to blogging to web design and even to sales (just to name a few ventures)!

The online expertise she has developed over the course of almost a decade allows her to understand her audience of women who want to build their own businesses so they can transition out of the rat race.

Sophie Areli has personally helped women in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Australia with their online journeys.

She especially LOVES helping women who have a LOT to offer – but are too humble or shy to tell the world about it.  Her visibility program helps get their messages out to potential clients: FREE VISIBILITY PLAN

On her podcast, you will hear personal branding and business lessons to help you get started online.

You will also hear Sophie’s interviews with women in different industries who have already established their online business ventures.

When Sophie isn’t helping women online or through her podcast, she enjoys watching movies or playing Tetris with her loving husband and talented daughter!

Sophie Areli is the founder of your podcast show and the host of the leading ladies of influence show

About Web Design For Women In Business

As someone who understands that women should be building a complete brand online, Sophie Areli also offers WordPress web design to service based women in business.

She believes a woman’s online home should be a place that she’s proud to present to her potential clients!

There are three web design price points available to suit the needs of your business.

Take advantage of this service by visiting the web design page and filling out the inquiry form.

The Story
Behind Your Podcast Show

One Lovely
Saturday Morning

I sat in front of my MacBook and got to work.

I did the following:

?  created a production calendar for my 3 month podcast season

?  created an email template for the women I would interview on my podcast

?  edited one of the podcast interviews I had recorded already

?  scheduled that podcast interview to be published later on in the week

?  created a blog post with a cover photo to go along with the interview

?  created a Pinterest photo to go along with that episode

?  created and scheduled the email that my subscribers would get about the interview

?  tweaked the email template that I would send to the guest who was in the interview


When I looked up from my computer again – IT WAS 6:38 PM!

That’s when I realized the truth.

I WAS DOING A LOT to run my podcast show and I still wasn’t done with all the finishing touches I wanted to put into my production.

At The Same Time,
Women Were Sending Me Emails!

Sophie, I love your podcast! I am motivated to start one in Spanish! You have inspired me once again! – Luz Tentou

My show listeners wanted to know how they could start their own podcasts.

One listener even asked for my help to create a website like mine that would showcase her podcast show!

This listener’s name is Luz and I’m so proud of her! She has been a beautiful and hard-working student!

Luz Tentou

CEO & Founder Of
Be The Light By Luz

Latina • Cristiana • Esposa • Mamá • Amiga • Determinada

When Sunday Came Around
It Finally Came To Me!

I could start something here!
“I could help myself – and all these women – with a clear cut podcast production plan!”

That plan would cut out ALL THE UNNECESSARY things that female entrepreneurs are doing to get visible online – and it would present a real system for getting seen, heard, and paid with a podcast show.

So, that’s how “Your Podcast Show” was born!
I’m delighted to have created a program for introverted women in business that both allows us to breathe again in our ventures AND GETS US VISIBLE ONLINE! – Sophie Areli

Sophie Areli is the founder and CEO of your podcast show

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